Special Orders

Would you like to give a personalized gift to a loved one? Have a DIY idea, but don't have everything you need yet? Let Artiful Boutique help you!

 a paper collage of a flower

Paper collage made by Krystel, owner of Artiful Boutique


Several services are offered to you:


  • vinyl cutting;
  • customization of sweater, mug and water bottle;
  • personalized acrylic or resin keychain;
  • greeting card and reading bookmark.


It is also possible to order some customized collages, drawings, and paintings!

 a paper collage with a ballerina drawing

Another paper collage made by Krystel, owner of Artiful Boutique


How will it work? First, you can send 2 or 3 inspirational images to info@artifulboutique.com. Leave me as much details as possible so I have a good idea of what you want. Then I will write to you to let you know if I accept the project and to give you an estimate of the price and time of realisation.


 a small bag with black vinyl on it, Gringotts Bank

Special order for Jessika, matte black vinyl on burlap bag and black label with gold foil


It is important to note that I will not copy another artist's work under any circumstances. Also, as I don't have all the licenses, some projects including characters from Disney, Barbie, Marvel, Harry Potter or Star Wars, might not be accepted.

 a painting of a mouth, in red with green accents

Acrylic paint and soft pastel, made by Krystel, owner of Artiful Boutique 


With regard to texts and messages, certain restrictions may apply in order to respect copyrights. However, I have access to over a hundred fonts and royalty-free images. This gives me a lot of possibilities to create original pieces for you.

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