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10 Must-Have Stationery Items for Work or School

It’s already time to think about back to school! I don't know about you, but personally I've always loved choosing my supplies. Know that Artiful Boutique has everything you need, whether for work or school. To make your life easier, here is a list of 10 stationery supplies that are my must-haves.

  1. Pencil Cases

Bring your office supplies wherever you go with this practical and stylish pencil case. The floral print brings softness to this everyday object. The smartly designed interior features a mesh pocket so you can store your most used items without always having to search for them. Its size is just small enough to be easily transported and just large enough to fit around 20 items without difficulty. Choose from one of our four models to always have what you need on hand.

Floral Pattern Pencil Case - Artiful BoutiqueFloral Pattern Pencil Case

This large Kawaii pencil case has a practical design. The two compartments allow you to separate and organize your various stationery or craft items. Moreover, this stationery case can open wide enough for easy access to see and find what you need. 

In addition to their undeniable usefulness, their cover is visually appealing. The amazing Kawaii designs and the very cute brooch made it especially unique. Also, it is durable and washable due to the sturdy premium canvas material and high-quality zippers. Finally, the main compartment has enough room for numerous pens and pencils, as well as a 15 cm ruler. There is even space left to put scissors.

Large Kawaii Pencil Case - Artiful BoutiqueLarge Kawaii Pencil Case

  1. Gel pens

Each pen writes like a regular gel ink pen but can be erased like a pencil at any time. You can write, erase, and re-write your documents as many times as you want without damaging them. The eraser tip will not wear down or leave behind crumbs. Nobody will notice that it wasn't perfect the first time!

Erasable Gel Pen Set - Artiful BoutiqueErasable Gel Pen Set - Kap Cat

Here is a beautiful Kawaii gel pen set! It features adorable bunny characters and comes in soft pinky colors. Each pen has a unique illustration, making this set even cuter! Furthermore, the smooth and soft body provides a secure grip and comfortable writing experience.

Finally, you'll always have something to write with this adorable gel pen set. Keep one in your office, another on your kitchen counter, and the rest in your pencil case! Whether you're making a grocery list, taking notes in class, or writing a note to your family, you'll need a pen, so make it the best one!

Gel Pen Set - Paradise of PeachesGel Pen Set - Paradise of Peaches

  1. Mechanical pencil

If your job requires you to write a lot, you should definitely get this mechanical pencil. Its rubber cover makes it comfortable to grip. The sliding of the mine is done without difficulty. The colors offered are elegant and the design particularly charming.

Soft Grip Mechanical PencilSoft Grip Mechanical Pencil

  1. Highlighters

These Vience highlighters come in six retro colors that are sure to impress any stationery enthusiast. Its fantastic streaks will assist you during your study sessions. You can add a specific color legend to your notes by selecting your preferred ones. The colors are not only suitable for taking notes but can also be used for drawing and coloring.

Retro Color Highlighters - VienceRetro Color Highlighters – Vience

Highlighters, a long-time studying companion, are a must-have for students or office workers. The colors are not overpowering so they won't hurt your eyes when highlighting the text or reading through your notes.

Moreover, due to their flat shape, you can write thin and thick lines with a single rotation of the highlighter in your hand. The versatile chisel tip lets you quickly switch between precise and broad lines, while no-bleed ink keeps your work looking clean. Finally, the set includes 6 soft-colored highlighters that will make your note-taking visually appealing and lovely stickers to personalize your stationery items. 

Highlighter Set - Key PointsHighlighter Set - Key Points

  1. Backpacks

We've discovered the ideal waterproof backpack for you. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but its design will blow you away. The sought-after Doughnut waterproof backpack is simply a wonderful bag! It may appear small, but it has a lot more capacity than you might expect. The structured inside has more than enough room for all your things, making all your essentials easily accessible at all times.

Waterproof Backpack - Doughnut
Waterproof Backpack – Doughnut

The structured inside has more than enough room for all your things, making all your essentials easily accessible at all times. Furthermore, its size allows you to easily carry documents of all kinds as well as your notebooks and planners. Equally, you can carry this bag on your back using the straps or carry it like a briefcase using the handle on the side.

Backpack - Kawaii Accessories
Backpack - Kawaii Accessories
  1. Correction Tapes

This adorable cloud-shaped correction tape will rectify all of your writing errors. Furthermore, it comes in four different pastel colors. Equally, it's compact enough to fit in your pencil case.

Correction tape is essential for the office and school. Correct your mistake and start writing right away. There's no need to wait for it to dry. Finally, with its 5m length, you can use it for quite a long time!

Correction Tape - Pastel CloudCorrection Tape - Pastel Cloud

If you like cats, you'll love this correction tape! It is not only functional, but it is also pleasing to use and look at. Moreover, this adorable cat paw correction tape will help you fix your mistakes. 

In addition, the correction tape adheres to the paper instantly, allowing you to write on it as soon as you are finished. Also, the correction tape allows you to easily make corrections to your notes and documents. 

Correction Tape - Cat Paw - TwingoCat Paw Correction Tape - Twingo

  1. Notebooks

The cover of this Cagie stationery notebook is simply stunning. It is durable, has a lovely feel to it, and is extremely smooth to the touch. This minimalist notebook is ideal for bullet journal devotees! Use this notebook to sum up work notes or thoughts on a daily basis. Also, it can be used with any type of pen, including ballpoint, fountain, and marker pens.

Moreover, a fabric bookmark is included in the notebook to help you keep track of where you are. In addition, a good notebook is a must-have for work or school. The design of this notebook make it the ideal companion!

Stationery Notebook - CagieStationery Notebook - Cagie

Here's a notebook set that will work just fine!  In addition to its lovely appearance, each notebook has forty lined pages. Use your notebook to jot down work notes or thoughts on a daily basis. The  notebook is suitable for most writing methods, including ballpoint and gel pens.

Notebook Set -  Bungu & Neko - KokuyoNotebook Set -  Bungu & Neko - Kokuyo

  1. Binders and presentation books

This presentation book can be used as folders or to display your work. Each book contains sturdy polypropylene pages that will keep your documents and important papers safe. Also, the presentation books are ideal for reports, resumes, and other frequently read material.

Furthermore, they are long-lasting and portable. Use the various colors available to organize and style your notes. You can color-code your files to categorize them.

Presentation Book - Clear Book
Presentation Book - Clear Book

This transparent binder with black fabric elastic has rings and includes pre-holed sheets. Both sides of the sheets are lined, allowing for plenty of writing area. The silky-smooth paper provides an excellent writing experience. Moreover, the binder is designed to last a long time and resist tearing or bending. You'll be able to insert a variety of documents and trust that they'll stay put in the sturdy round rings.

Transparent Binder - A5/B5 FormatsTransparent Binder - A5/B5 Formats

  1. Felt tip pens

Color and creativity can be added to your writing projects with Color for Morandi felt tip pens. Each set comes in a rainbow of vibrant colors to make writing more enjoyable. These felt tip pens use smear-resistant ink that won't bleed through the paper, so your writing stays put.

Take notes, draw, doodle, or create anything that inspires you with these felt tip pens. Make posters, flyers, and party invitations out of assorted colors, or use them for scrapbooking and other papercraft projects. They are appropriate for home, office, and school projects. There's almost no limit to what you can make with felt tip pens!

Felt Tip Pen Set - Color for Morandi

Felt Tip Pen Set - Color for Morandi

No need to complicate your life by using two pens at the same time to create an unusual effect. A set of 6 Double Line ink pens allows you to draw 2 separate lines with the same felt pen! It makes such a great and original gift for kids, students, and stationery supply enthusiasts.

Felt Tip Pen Set - Double Line Felt Tip Pen Set - Double Line

  1. Desktop organizers

The desktop organizer has a clean aesthetic and an effective design. It is divided into four compartments to help you better manage your belongings and quickly access them when needed.  Also, the multifunctional desktop organizer is available in four soft colors that complement any decor.

In addition, the little drawers are ideal for stowing away small items. Store supplies such as glue sticks, binder clips, sticky notes, and push pins. Finally, keep track of your little office supplies at all times. 

Colorful Desktop OrganizerColorful Desktop Organizer

This monitor stand riser keeps everything on your desktop in order. Furthermore, depending on your needs, you can choose it as a 1-tier or 2-tier storage space. In addition, with a viewing height of 7 cm, this monitor riser sits perfectly at eye level, assisting you in achieving a more comfortable sitting posture and relieving back and neck discomfort.

This monitor stand riser allows your monitor or laptop to have a convenient viewing height. You will be able to focus on your work without being distracted in this manner. This stand is also made of a durable material that can withstand daily use. The corners are beautifully rounded, lending a delicate appearance.

Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser - Desktop Organizer Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser - Desktop Organizer

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. I hope you will like these products as much as I do!


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